Itinerary Update

The final post from India is on its way momentarily, but since a few people asked if I would publish the remaining itinerary and since communication is going to be iffy for the next 16 days, I thought I’d do that first.

Jan. 27 – Feb. 12       Nepal

Feb. 12 – March 5     Thailand (Bangkok, Chaing Mai, Hua Hin)

March 5 – 20             Cambodia and Vietnam

March 20 – 26           Tahiti

March 26 – 30             Easter Island

Mar. 28 – Apr. 16      Chile & South America (TBD)

April 16 – 27               Mexico (Mayan ruins)

April 27 – May 4       Cabo

May 5                           Have to be somewhere in Mexico on Cinqo de Mayo, right?

May 6 – 31                  TBD … hoping to get to Cuba in there somewhere.

June 1                          Home!

I’m not sure what the next 16 days have in store, only that I will be teaching English to kids ages 3 to 15 and apparently living in an environment with no heat or electricity, but it will be a wonderful adventure, I’m sure. On February 12 I fly to Bangkok and will spend the first two days thawing out, getting back in touch with everyone and finalizing the remainder of the trip. Best wishes to all until then!

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2 thoughts on “Itinerary Update

  1. We wish you a very Happy Travel Time.

    Good that we got opportunity to share about our work and way forward.

    Do take care of your health.

    With best wishes,

    Surya Prakash Vinjamuri
    28th January 2013

  2. Kevin Shannon

    Papaete in Tahiti is awful, dirty and dangerous. Ask Maria. I highly suggest that you go directly from the airport to the cheap ferry to Morrea which is beautiful and what you would expect from a tropical island. Rental cars are relativly cheap and you need one to explore the terrain. Get out of Papeate ASAP. We have good friends in Puerto Vallarta – Buceritas 10 miles north of the airport – who will take care of you with a place to stay. Careful there also. Maria will describe.

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