Due to circumstances beyond our control …

I had a post ready to go from Tahiti but the signal in the hotel was too weak to download photos, and Tahiti without pictures didn’t make much sense. The Internet situation is even worse here on Easter Island, so I’ll be combining them into one post when I get to Santiago this weekend. But all is well out here in the middle of the Pacific.

I hope everyone has a great Easter weekend!


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4 thoughts on “Due to circumstances beyond our control …

  1. Cindy Schuler

    Wow. Easter Island on Easter. Awesome. So enjoying your posts. Keep them coming. I can hardly wait for the next ones… Cindy and Denny

  2. Cindy Schuler

    Wow, Easter Island and Easter. What a trip. Looking forward to seeing your next post. Keep em coming. Just curious…are you booking flights as you go? Just going with the flow? Or do you have some flights and fill in between? Curious minds want to know. Happy Spring! Safe travels, friend. Cindy and Denny

  3. Can’t wait to see the photos! Thanks for letting us know that you are safe and well!

  4. Kevin Shannon

    Do you have an arrival date yet to FL? I’m in the process of finally scheduling surgery in early May to be ready for Gay Guthrie’s wedding in Muskogee, OK in early June. In case you didn’t know, Paula passed away last year from breast cancer. I have extremely good contacts in Santiago and Mendoza Argentina in the wine biz. Just give me a schedule and I can get you properly taken care of in a heartbeat. There is one place in Mendoza that you would love. Lemme know.

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