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For the past week I have been in Cabo san Lucas, on the southern tip of Baja California, staying with some very good friends in a luxurious villa overlooking the Sea of Cortez. The Cabo/San Jose area is beautiful, a DSCN4131lot like many of the nicer resort areas of Arizona, but with beaches and water. We spent a great afternoon on a 50-foot catamaran for sun and snorkeling, had a number of amazing meals and had a special final night with a mountaintop sunset and great sipping tequila.

Most of all it was just extremely relaxing and for me a chance to actually unpack, catch up with laundry, do some reading and spend time with my friends. Truthfully, the week shouldn’t count as part of this trip, it was just so comfortable, but it gave me a chance to get motivated and organized for the final month. I’m in Mexico City tonight and leave tomorrow for Havana and 12 days in Cuba. From there it’s a couple of days in Panama andDSCN4161 then to Guatemala for the final adventure of this trip, seeing more Mayan ruins, some of which are so deep in the jungle you can only reach them by boat. And on the first of June I fly from Guatemala City to Miami, and onto Jacksonville.

The next couple of weeks I’ll be without phone and Internet so will do the next post from Panama. I’m excited about the opportunity to make a legal trip to Cuba, meet some of its people, study its history and culture and religion, and to share some of that when I get the chance.

Until then, stay safe and healthy!

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6 thoughts on “Home Stretch

  1. God bless you Ruff and safe travels. Thanks
    For the marvelous education. Look forward to seeing you soon

  2. Randi Lewis

    Ruffin, I have enjoyed your blogs so much and look forward to each of them.  My favorite reading is Ruffin on the Road and National Geographic Traveler.  Can’t you keep on going?  haha Randi Lewis


    • ruffinontheroad

      Thank you for your comment, Randi, and as much as I’m tempted to keep going I think I’ll stop by my house for a while!

      Best wishes,


  3. jbhersh23@comcast.net

    Sounds like you had a great week. I’ll get the details from Penny and Leo……See you soon Love Jane

  4. Leo McCullagh

    Wonderful photos mate. Meant to ask, years ago when NASCAR opened their museum in Daytona, we met the new ExecDir or Pres of the Rock and Roll HOF. Do you recall his name? If I remember, wasn’t he a Canadian for the NHL HOF or something like that? We have a chance to do some project work with the RRHOF and the President now is Greg Harris. Does that ring a bell? Any chance he is the guy we first met. Please let me know your thoughts. Adios, Leo

    Sent from my iPhone

    • ruffinontheroad

      I don’t ever remember meeting anyone from the rock and roll hall. My friend – whose name is escaping me – ran the hockey hall in Toronto when I first met him, and then was brought down to build Daytona USA. He was Canadian, and his name was Phil … something, But I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone from the Rock Hall. Sorry I can’t be of help.

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